Sep 9, 2008

Nigeria’s finest DJ Jimmy Jatt, Featuring Sasha, Blaise, Bouqui and Kemistry.... that's Too Much

'Too Much remix' harnesses the effort and brilliance of Nigeria's leading female rap artistes... Sasha, Blaise, Bouqui and Kemistry.

Watch the ‘Too Much’ video

With Sasha, Bouqui, Blaise and surprise inclusion, Rhythm 93.7's Kemistry in top form, to borrow a sport jargon, you can be pretty sure the result would - yeah, that's the word. With lines like "mathematically, I expand exponentialy....", and "I'm mortal combat celebrity, I never just finish.. I'm ending with fatality", Blaise put the fire department on red alert. And "You got Miss Kemi, just like a semi.. automatic to the brain when I drop bombs with pain....", confirmed it; Kemistry is planning mass murder.

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