Sep 28, 2008

'Ikechukwu' Who?

Ikechukwu, formerly based in the US, came back some years back to establish himself in the Nigerian music industry. His hit single from his previous album "Ikechukwu", was shot in US. The World Famous Academy star is under "Storm records" alongside his childhood friend "Naeto C".

However, Ikechukwu's closeness with "Mo hits crew" is scary! Hope it's not that Ikechukwu wants to change his record label?! I have seen him in almost all the new videos by the "Mo hits crew".

Ikechukwu was nominated for Best male video for his song "wind am well" in Channel 0 music awards 2008. so please Naija lets vote for him!

Ikechukwu's new single 'LIKE YOU' is amazing, and he recently got nominated for Channel 0 awards....

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