Sep 24, 2008

9ice gives reason for ‘No-Show’ in Dublin

9ice's Alapomeji Records have come out to clear the air surrounding the recent non-appearance of 9ice at a show held on Sept 19, 2008 in Dublin. Various stories were in the media giving various reasons for the happening. Some even took 9ice to the cleaners saying he was becoming too arrogant. But according to a statement recently released by Alapomeji records, those stories could not have been further from the truth.

The statement, contrary to Krystal Promotions' claims, stated that the non-appearance was not due to any fault of 9ice's but of the organizers of the show who refused to make available all the necessary documents to facilitate 9ice's transit to Dublin.

"We are stating factually, that 9ice did everything he had to do to make sure the show would hold but the fault lies in the hands of the organizers and his lack of appearance was due to their negligence and breach of our contract, a breach that could not be overlooked by us at Alapomeji Records."

Alapomeji Records claim that the organizers, after failing to make available visas for 9ice and his crew's legitimate entry into Dublin, offered to 'smuggle' him to Dublin through London which they did not find suitable for the artiste's profile.

"The organizers and their liaisons stated that 9ice should not worry about the visa and that there is an illegal entry way from London into Dublin 9ice can follow. We blatantly refused, as we were not willing to put our artist image or welfare at risk because of their negligence and lack of honesty from the start."

The statement also urged his fans in Dublin to bear with them as "9ice's main concern are his fans and he is highly disappointed and pained that he could not make it to a show he was looking forward to. "We at Alapomeji hope you the fans of 9ice in Dublin understand our stance on this issue and we look forward to someday having 9ice in Dublin with you, performing live on stage".

Alapomeji also tendered their unreserved apologies for the no-show and urged other organizers not to expect 9ice to cut corners for or with them.

"A note to other organizers, 9ice is an artist just like other artists around the world and exceptions cannot be made in terms of following the laws of the country. We will not cut corners at the risk of our artist. At Alapomeji we believe in things being done the proper way and no short cuts being made".

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