Sep 16, 2008

D’ Banj and the Naija Music Scene

For anybody at all in Nigeria, D'Banj is not a person that needs much introduction, except maybe for his real names. From the bus conductor on the streets to the high executives in those air-conditioned offices. Those 'who have not encountered him directly...maybe by purchasing his CDs....they have through one person or the other...maybe their kids or their friends. Full name Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo, D'Banj has also made unprecedented headway with corporate organisations. He has many endorsement deals which has seen him climb the ladder of the top ten richest Nigerian artistes to the second spot behind Tu Face. He is said to be worth about a hundred and eighty million Naira.... that's a lotta money.

When D' Banj happened to Nigerians a couple of years ago, not many people thought he would come this far in the industry. He stole the attention of Nigerians with the masterful way he played the harmonica. Hits like 'Tongolo' and 'Mobolowon' ushered him into the hearts of Nigerians and since then, there has been no stopping him. He has been moving from strength to strength which has made him one of the most successful musicians in motherland today.

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