Sep 29, 2008


B A Nu-sance is a charismatic songwriter and producer. Born in Chelsea, London to Nigerian Parents. He got involved in making music from a really early age. He formed his first band called Shock 3 when he was in high school and through his crew, they were able to cover his favourite Hip Hop and RnB songs at school shows and house parties. His passion for music and performing has since grown and matured into what he is today- a very credible producer! Having been in the music industry for more than ten years, he has acquired great business acumen and experience through working with acclaimed Producers such as D Influence and Paul Waller to name a few. As part of the Chunky Fox Production house, B A Nu-sance has just completed a production deal with Masters Elites Records. He produced a 14 track Hip Hop album for their debut artist called Ill Jake aka Sir Jake Masters. This is available for download on

September 2008, B A Nu-sance will be dedicating his facebook page to the Naija music industry for 1 week! He will upload a few Naija remixes so you can get familiar! Check out B A NUSANCE myspace page

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Jey-Shawn said...

Finest producer in town..U no understand..B A Nusance doing it...