Oct 20, 2008

Alexander Amosu to launch Campaign to Reduce Poverty in Africa

British entrepreneur, Alexander Amosu, who made his fortune selling mobile ring tones is to dedicate his time mentoring young entrepreneurs in Nigeria in a bid to help the continent fight poverty. This London based entrepreneur is fully equipped to take on this challenge as at the age of just 25 he was already a millionaire. Amosu got his big break when his ringtone company, RnB Ringtones went on to become a runaway success with 2 million customers across Europe. Amosu acknowledges the support he received when starting off as an entrepreneur and has been keen to give back.

Now in his thirties and presiding over a growing business empire, Alexander Amosu is what many would regard as an overnight success but he had shown an eye for business from the age of 15 when he started a company organizing sport events.

The effort, called the Nigerian Entrepreneurship Initiative, aims to encourage and support the start-up and growth of enough micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) to eradicate poverty over the next 30 years.

Amosu aims to tackle the poverty that has blighted the continent by promoting and supporting entrepreneurism in Sub-Saharan Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria.

3 Responses:

drew said...

that's a good son of the soil...keep it up..

jo said...

that's a very good gesture...it's not having all that money...it's what you do with it..

Ade said...

real icon..